This tool will help you identify which areas of your farm business would benefit from improvements.  

Answer the questions to discover your organisation’s Lean and Performance Management scores, which are ranked from low to high and broken down into areas of improvement.

These could include:

  • People development
  • Performance management system development
  • New working methods developed using standard operating procedures.

Who is the labour efficiency calculator for?

The calculator is designed for front-line managers as they have the most direct influence on the performance of resources.

However, it is good practice to gather results from senior management to identify knowledge gaps that may exist within the organisation.

Why was the labour efficiency calculator developed?

The purpose of the calculator is to provide an indicator of the levels of skills that your organisation has in both Lean and Performance Management.

It was created for AHDB by Management Performance Ltd (MPL) as part of a series of audits conducted as part of SmartHort.

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